Governing Bodies



The OSJD Ministers Conference (MC) is the supreme OSJD governing body. The Ministers Conference considers and takes decisions at the governmental level concerning all matters related to the OSJD field of activities, taking into account the proposals of the OSJD Railway General Directors Conference.

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The Conference of General Directors (authorized representatives) of OSJD Railways (CGD) is the highest OSJD steering body on the level of railways and railway undertakings. The Conference organizes work and makes decisions on the issues related to the OSJD fields of activities within the capacity of railways and railway undertakings.

The Ministers Conference and the General Directors Conference take decisions within their competence on the following issues:

- setting-up of working and other bodies, as well as their quantity, structure, work programme, duties, active life and their working procedure;

- appointment of the Committee’s managerial staff and post distribution between the OSJD members of the chairmen and specialists of the OSJD Commissions and experts of the OSJD Permanent Working Groups and on other matters related to the OSJD activities.