OSJD Mission


In 2022, the transport industry had to respond to new challenges related to the unstable geopolitical and social situation. The Organisation for Co-Operation between Railways took into account in its activities the development of international cooperation in the field of railway transport and the development of measures aimed at stabilising the situation and maintaining the secured supply chains.

The activities of the OSJD working bodies were carried out in accordance with the approved plans and work programmes using modern communication technologies and tools. The Organisation in the most difficult geopolitical and social environment has shown its stability and the ability to flexibly adapt to new modes of operation. The activities of the management and members of the OSJD Committee were focused on increasing the efficiency of transportation processes and improving all aspects of the work of the railway transportation industry. At the same time, the Organisation stood for peace, mutual respect and the resolution of disputes on the basis of international law.

The OSJD governing bodies – the Ministerial Conference and the Conference of General Directors (Authorised Representatives) of the OSJD Railways, took a number of important decisions related to the activities of the Organisation last year. The ranks of the OSJD were replenished with a new member – the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Last year, within the framework of the OSJD Commissions and Permanent Working Groups, works were carried out on a wide range of issues related to transport policy and development strategy, transport law, organisation of freight and passenger traffic, infrastructure development and modernisation of rolling stock, the use of modern technologies and financial accounting.

The successful fulfillment of these tasks would not have been possible without the active assistance and efforts of the Committee’s members and staff, specialists and experts of the OSJD member countries, as well as observers and affiliated enterprises. I highly appreciate this and express my gratitude to everyone for their work and contribution to the activities and development of our Organisation.

The OSJD Committee management and members, despite the unfavourable external conditions, managed to hold a number of meetings within the framework of the conferences and other events, presenting the Organisation’s position on the railway transport issues at international forums. This made it possible to strengthen cooperation with the ministries and railways of the OSJD member countries, as well as to raise awareness of the functioning and contribution of the Organisation to the development of the transport industry on an international scale. Digital transformation, environmental protection and climate change, as well as the need for railways to respond to these challenges, have defined new directions in the Organisation’s activities.

OSJD continued to fulfill its mission in 2022, aimed at developing the most optimal solutions for the railway industry.

I express hope for peace and success in the search for measures to overcome’s difficulties for the benefit of all members of the Organisation for Co-Operation between Railways and further development of railway transport in the Eurasian space.

Chairman of the OSJD Committee
Mirosław Antonowicz