Lithuanian Railways: new image (according to the press service of LTG)


Over the past few years, the Lithuanian Railways’ structure (Lietuvos Geleźinkeliai) has undergone the greatest changes: the company, composed of a group of subsidiary enterprises has become more open, transparent and effectively functioning in the interests of the Lithuanian state. More recently, the structure of the group has also changed: passenger transportation, freight and infrastructure companies have been established, which are united by efficiency, responsibility, insight and leadership.

Realizing the importance of the need for a new image that symbolizes progress, sustainability and Lithuanian character for further effective development and functioning, the Lithuanian Railways (Lietuvos Geleźinkeliai) have marked the 101st anniversary of their foundation with an updated trademark and new brands of all the subsidiary companies in the group: passenger transportation, freight transport and infrastructure. starting from 3 July 2020, companies will be presented with trademarks that are simpler and more practical and take into account the specifics of each company's activities, current and future needs.

The former name of “Lithuanian Railways” (Lietuvos Geležinkeliai) remains, but its new abbreviation LTG has been introduced to replace the previous one - LG, which is expected to raise its understanding in foreign markets. Correspondently the names of the group’s subsidiaries have also changed:

- passenger transportation company becomes LTG Link;

- freight transport – LTG Cargo;

- infrastructure development and management company from now will be called LTG Infra.

The colours of the LTG group logos correspond to the colours of the Lithuanian flag, and this is another way to express the Lithuanian Railways’ aspiration and commitment to meet the comprehensive needs of the state in transportation of passengers and goods by rail.