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06.10.2015 | 11:08Operation of KZD new high-speed lines commissioned (according to

High-speed line Harbin — Chichikar

On 17 August 2015, the train numbered as D7989 departed from the Harbin station, which marks the official start of operation of the highspeed line Harbin - Chichikar. The line runs across the northernmost and coldest regions of China.

The construction of this high-speed line began in 2009, and already in May 2015, trimming operations and tests were commenced. Two months later, a trial run was performed. The total length of the line along which 8 stations are available amounts to 279 km. With the operation of this high-speed line that started, the time of travelling between the cities of Harbin and Chichikar reduced from three hours to one hour and a half (to 85 minutes).

06.10.2015 | 11:25Eurasian Friendship Express 2015

On 30 July 2015, the "Eurasian Friendship Express 2015" having departed from Vladivostok Railway Station on 15 July under the slogan "One Dream, One Eurasia" arrived at the Berlin Central railway station, ist final destination. A delegation of 200 citizens of the Republic of Korea made their journey within 15 days from Vladivostok along the Trans-Siberian Railway and then via Moscow, Minsk, Brest and Warsaw to Berlin.

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