Session 51 of the OSJD Ministerial Conference has started its work in Warsaw


The 51st session of the OSJD Ministerial Conference, scheduled for 18 till 20 June 2024, has started its work in the OSJD Committee premises in Warsaw.

Opening the session, Chairman of the OSJD Committee Mirosław Antonowicz welcomed all the delegations, having arrived in Warsaw to participate in an intramural format, wished fruitful and constructive work and briefly informed the participants about the activities being carried out within the OSJD.


The following items are included into the session agenda:

- Report on OSJD Activities for 2023;

- Report of the OSJD Auditing Commission for 2023;

- consideration of the work progress for 2023 of the OSJD Commissions on Transport Policy and Development Strategy and on Transport Law;

- discussion of the work progress of the Ad Hoc Working Group on vocational education/training in the field of railway transport;

- expediency of developing a draft OSJD development strategy;

- OSJD Work Programme for 2025 and subsequent years;

- consideration of the issues related to the payment of membership fees and the OSJD Committee Budget;

- approval of the location for the OSJD Committee;

- distribution of posts in the OSJD Committee management, chairmen and specialists in the OSJD working bodies;

- appointment of the OSJD Committee management;

- approval of the draft preliminary agenda, venue and date of session 52 of the OSJD Ministerial Conference.