Working meeting between OSJD and OTIF (press-release)


On 21 March 2023 a working meeting was held at the OSJD Committee in Warsaw between OSJD Committee Chairman Mirosław Antonowicz and Secretary General of OTIF Wolfgang Küpper.

Among other things, they discussed the latest developments in the railway sector, the importance of developing international railway transport, the prospects for cooperation between OTIF and OSJD. Particular attention was paid to the OSJD’s participation in the works of OTIF’s Ad hoc Committee on Legal Affairs and International Cooperation.

Having warmly thanked each other for the comprehensive discussion, both parties have welcomed this high-level meeting and stressed the importance of future contacts to discuss latest developments in the activities of both organisations. Mirosław Antonowicz also invited the OTIF delegation to the OSJD Minister’s Conference (June 2023, Busan, Republic of Korea).

Within the framework of his visit to Warsaw, Wolfgang Küpper also met Secretary of State of the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Bittel.