Test pilot runs of a sightseeing panoramic train in China


The Yunnan province in southern China witnessed the first trial runs of a sightseeing panoramic electric train on a railway linking two popular tourist areas – the ancient city of Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Yulongxueshan, the Jade Dragon Mountain with glaciers, listed as one of the key national attractive sites.

The main peak of this mountain range is located at an altitude of 5596 m above sea level.

On the 20.8-km railway line with several stations near tourist sites, the train will run at a maximum speed of 70 km/h. It takes 20 minutes to drive from downtown Lijiang to Yulongxueshan. This first line of urban railway transport in Lijiang will help create more opportunities for the delivery of tourists, reduce harmful emissions and turn it into a world-class tourist and cultural center.

The construction began in September 2020 and was carried out in high altitude conditions with rarefied air and the need for strict adherence to the environmental protection rules.

The panoramic train features an innovative design. The coach coupling units rest on motorised bogies. To ensure safe driving in harsh climates, the train is equipped with electric, hydraulic and magnetic rail brakes, as well as sand feeding equipment to improve traction. The train is adapted to run on the lines with a maximum slope of 55 ‰ and curves with a radius of up to 50 m.

(the news coverage has been prepared with the assistance of the editorial staff of the “Railways of the World” journal)