The first hybrid shunting locomotive has been delivered to Hungary from China (according to information of the “Zheleznye dorogi mira” Journal)


The first out of the two ordered shunting locomotives with a hybrid power plant has been delivered to Hungary’s freight operator Rail Cargo Hungaria, an OSJD affiliated enterprise, and part of the ÖBB Federal Railways of Austria holding company. The locomotive will undergo tests required for its certification and operational authorisation.

Currently, Rail Cargo Hungaria covers its shunting needs by employing diesel locomotives owned by the national passenger transport operator MÁV-Start Co. In 2019, the Hungarian operator signed a contract with China’s CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive (CRRC ZELC) for delivery of two hybrid shunting locomotives and two mainline 5.6 MW hybrid electric locomotives to Hungary. The locomotives are powered by both lithium-titanium storage batteries and a contact system. The costs of design and construction of the locomotives are borne by the supplier, and Rail Cargo Hungaria will be renting the locomotives for the first four years of their operation. Maintenance is also the responsibility of CRRC ZELC. Once the four-year period runs out, Cargo Hungaria will have the options of extending the rent or purchasing the electric locomotives, or making an order for another 20 vehicles of each type.

The shunter has a mass of 74 tons and has a traction capacity of 850 kW in overhead line mode, and 350 kW when using the batteries. On batteries, the locomotive is designed to tow an 800-ton train for 85 minutes at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. It is scheduled to be in permanent operation on shunting stations and industrial sidings in the second half of 2022.