News of Azerbaijani Railways


Ganja locomotive depot of Azerbaijani Railways CJSC

Today, the Republic of Azerbaijan is paving its way to progressive economic development and large-scale reforms, which are highly appreciated by the people of the country. Within the framework of the 4th State Programme for the socio-economic development of the regions of Azerbaijan, the main tasks for the development of infrastructure have been completed and major projects have been implemented in the transport sector. Great progress has been made in this area, while most of the issues have been resolved within the framework of the fourth regional development programme. In this regard, it is necessary to note the commissioning of the Ganja locomotive depot of the AZD CJSC, which took place on 30 January 2022.

The solemn event to commission the new locomotive depot was attended by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

Chairman of the Azerbaijani Railways CJSC Javid Gurbanov informed the President of the country about the advanced technologies used in the construction of the Ganja locomotive depot, about its capabilities and plans to implement the strategic goals and objectives facing the facility.

In Azerbaijan, much attention is paid to the modernisation of the locomotive facilities of the railway industry and, as in the case of the Balajari locomotive depot, which opened in November 2021, the construction of the Ganja depot was carried out by using the joint funding from the Government of Azerbaijan and the French Development Agency.

The new locomotive depot will raise the maintenance quality of locomotives during their operation to a new level, improve the use of the locomotive fleet, better the quality of repair of rolling stock through the introduction of new technological equipment and instruments manufactured in the USA, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, the Republic of Korea, China, Russia and a number of other countries.

The new facility is equipped with 350 solar panels, which makes it possible to achieve significant savings in energy consumption, partially satisfy the requirements for power supply, reduce overall costs, optimiserepair and maintenance works, and increase operational reliability in order to ensure uninterrupted transportation.

In the main repair area there is a twostorey platform that makes it possible to simultaneously service 6 locomotives and provide timely and high-quality maintenance and repair of rolling stock. The new depot is able to service all the ordered AC locomotives without interruption.

Much attention is paid to ensuring health and safety of personnel. The new depot will employ 75 people.

The 40th freight electric locomotive of Prima T8 AZ8A series has been delivered to the Republic of Azerbaijan

Despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the Alstom Transport has delivered to Azerbaijan all 40 Prima T8 AZ8A freight locomotives manufactured by the French company Alstom under a contract with the Azerbaijani Railways CJSC.

The Prima T8 AZ8A locomotive is one of the most powerful electric locomotives in the world. These two-section AC electric locomotives are designed to operate at temperatures from –25 °C to +50 °C, which ensures maximum comfort and safety when transporting goods over long distances. The Prima T8 AZ8A locomotive, which can move at speeds up to 120 km per hour, has a load capacity of up to 9000 tons. Thanks to its modular design, this locomotive requires minimal maintenance and provides a high level of reliability and low cost over its entire life cycle.

The Azerbaijani Railways and Alstom signed a contract in 2014 for the supply of 50 electric locomotives, including 40 Prima T8 AZ8A heavy-duty locomotives, which were produced at Alstom’s Elektrovoz Kurastyru Zauyty Joint Venture (Electric Locomotive Assembly Plant) in Nur-Sultan (Republic of Kazakhstan), and 10 passenger locomotives Prima M4 AZ4A, which were produced in the city of Belfort (France).

The new locomotives will initially be operated for intensive, safe and convenient transportation of goods on the sections Balajari – Yalama and Baku – Boyuk-Kyasik of the North-South and East-West transport corridors. The average weight of freight trains pulled by these electric freight locomotives will be increased to 4500 tons, which will reduce the number of locomotives involved in freight traffic and additional shunting operations.

The possibility is also noted of joint work and further cooperation of the Azerbaijani Railways with Alstom in the field of signalling projects and maintenance of the locomotive fleet.

Reconstruction, modernisation and construction of railway lines in Azerbaijan

Barda-Agdam railway line

The length of the Barda-Aghdam railway is 47.1 km. The construction works are being carried out in two stages: the first stage involves the construction of 20.78 km of tracks and covers the stations of Barda, Kocharli and Tezekend, while the second one involves the construction of 26.32 km of tracks and covers the stations of Tezekend and Agdam.

The construction of the first stage of the surface section of the railway line began in December 2020, and the construction of the engineer structures started in February 2021, the laying of elements of the track permanent way – in August 2021.

The earthworks for the first stage have already been completed by 98 percent, with 35 water pipelines, two bridges and eight emergency crossings being also built. On 16.8 km of tracks, the elements of the permanent way of the track and 18 turnout switches have been laid. The construction of administrative buildings and passenger platforms of Kocharli and Tezekend stations is underway on the Barda-Aghdam railway, which is being reconstructed.

In general, the construction and installation works at the first stage have been completed by 65 percent.

Within the project it is planned to build four stations, three bridges, one overpass, 23 single- level intersections and a total of 127 artificial engineering structures.

The construction of the Barda-Agdam railway is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

Railway line Horadiz – Agbend

The Horadiz-Aghbend railway line, which is of great strategic and economic importance for Azerbaijan, is an integral part of the Zangezur corridor. As a result of the project implementation, a direct transport link with the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and the Republic of Turkey will be established.

The length of the Horadiz-Agband railway line, laid down by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in February 2021, is 110.4 km.

The construction works are being implemented in three stages.

The first stage provides for the construction of a section of the railway line with a length of 30 km, covering the stations of Horadiz, Marjanly, Mahmudlu, while the second stage provides for the construction of a section of the line with a length of 55 km, covering the stations of Soltanly and Gumlag, with the third stage involving the construction of a section of the railway line with a length of 25.4 km, covering the stations of Minjivan, Bartaz and Agband.

The project provides for the construction of 8 stations, 3 tunnels, 41 bridges, 3 galleries, 4 overpasses and a total of about 300 artificial engineering structures. 70 percent of the work has already been completed within the first stage of the Horadiz-Agbend railway construction project.

During the first stage, 90 percent of the earthworks have already been completed, as well as 40 culverts have been completely laid, 9 bridges, 2 animal crossings, and 52 emergency crossings have been built. On the 23-kilometre section of the railway, elements of the permanent way of the track have been installed. Thus, the necessary conditions have been created for the movement of trains from the Fuzuli station of Horadiz to the station of Jabrayil Mahmudlu.

The second phase of the earthworks began in December 2021. Currently, intensive works are underway to prepare the crown of railway on a 30-km section from Mahmudlu station to Gumlag station.

All the works within the project are planned to be completed in 2023.