Regular meeting 1/2022 of the OSJD Committee members (press-release)


On 21 February 2022, a regular meeting 1-2022 of the OSJD Committee members was held using the videoconferencing mode.

As part of the agenda, the members of the OSJD Committee considered and adopted reports related to:

- 60th meeting of the OSJD-ERA Contact Group on the subject: “Collaboration between ERA and OSJD on the analysis of the relationship between 1520-mm/1524-mm and 1435-mm rail systems of EU and non-EU states” (25-27.01.2022, in videoconferencing mode);

- expert meeting of the OSJD PWG on Finance and Accounting (26-28.01.2022, in videoconferencing mode);

- meeting of the Parties to the Agreement on the carriage of containers as part of container trains in international traffic (01-02.02.2022, in videoconferencing mode);

- meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group of the OSJD Commission on Transport Law in the field of the Rules for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (08-11.02.2022, in videoconferencing mode);

- consultative meeting on the development of the OSJD railway transport corridor No. 1 (10-11.01.2022, in videoconferencing mode);

- 4th meeting of the expert group on a new international document on multimodal international transport documents of title (10-11.11.2021, UNCITRAL, in videoconferencing mode);

- annual meeting of the UIC Terminology Group (06.12.2021, Paris, in videoconferencing mode);

- 11th meeting of the Ministers of Transport of the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) on the subject “Facilitation of transit in the post-pandemic period” (02.02.2022, Turkey, in videoconferencing mode).

The meeting of the OSJD Committee members was informed by the Secretary of the OSJD Committee on the current state of affairs in cooperation with the OSJD affiliated enterprises.

It was noted that currently 42 companies and organisations from 12 countries have the status of an OSJD affiliated enterprise: from 10 OSJD member countries and from 2 other European countries.