The first direct container train from China to Kaliningrad (according to the information of RTSB-RUS as of 27 December 2021)


The RTSB-RUS logistics company, together with the Novik Group of Companies and Maersk, organised the transportation of the first container train from the Chinese city of Zhengzhou to Kaliningrad along the land route through the border crossing of Zamyn-Uud – Erlian. Previously, only transit trains to the European countries ran through Kaliningrad, and only single containers with imported goods were delivered here directly.

The first train loaded with 50 × 40-foot containers of consumer goods, equipment and electronics departed on 26 December from the station of Putian in China. The estimated travel time to the station of Chernyakhovsk (Kaliningrad region, Russia) is about 20 days.

RTSB-RUS acted as a logistics operator of the service, fully responsible for the transportation from China to Kaliningrad along the dedicated line of the schedule.

The future plans include bringing the service to a regular basis with the goods dispatched every month. The next transportation is tentatively scheduled for 25 January 2022, and the exact schedule will be agreed after the successful completion of the first shipment. “The implementation of this service became possible due to the congestion of sea lines and the good transit time that we offer our customers on this railway route. Also among the significant advantages are an attractive cost at the level of sea freight transportation and a more stable schedule of shipments. I am confident that these advantages will help us to provide our customers with highquality and reliable service”, said Alexander Baskakov, Director of RTSB-RUS.

“We pay great attention to the development of international transportation and to the exploration of new routes in order to meet the current demand of our customers, while trying to do it on the most convenient terms for them... The China-Kaliningrad direct route will help to attract consignors to the railway transport and strengthen economic cooperation between China and Russia”, commented Viktor Fominskiy, Director for Development and Logistics at Novik Group of Companies.