The final lot of diesel locomotives 2TE25KM and TEM18DM has been consigned to Mongolia (according to information of the “Zheleznye dorogi mira” Journal)


Four 2TE25KM mainline freight diesel locomotives manufactured at the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant (MC BMZ JSC, part of Transmashholding), have been consigned to the Ulan-Bator Railway under a contract signed in 2019. Three more TEM18DM shunting diesel locomotives manufactured by the BMZ Company were sent to the Ulan-Bator Railway in November 2021. Earlier, in January 2020, seven 2TE25KM locomotives and one TEM18DM locomotive arrived in Ulan-Bator. In total, the Transmashholding consigned 10 shunting and 14 mainline diesel locomotives to Mongolia under that contract. Two of the TEM18DM diesel locomotives that were delivered in 2021 are designed to operate on 1435 mm gauge railway lines.

The TEM18DM shunting locomotives have been operating in Mongolia for more than 10 years, the 2TE25KM mainline freight diesel locomotives have been supplied there since 2017. Taking into account the last consignment, 40 locomotives manufactured by BMZ will be now operating on the Ulan-Bator railway.

Mainline and shunting diesel locomotives supplied to the Ulan-Bator railway are manufactured in view of the peculiarities of train operation in Mongolia, including high level of dust and sharp temperature drop being characteristic of the local climate. The modern microprocessor systems used in locomotives make it possible to identify the required load of a diesel generator and traction machines, control the operation of auxiliary equipment, which therefore increases the efficiency of diesel locomotives.

The BMZ Company has launched the serial production of the 2TE25KM and 3TE25K2M mainline freight diesel locomotives and TEM18DM shunting diesel locomotives. They are in demand on public railways and in industrial enterprises in Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Belarus (photo: Transmashholding).