A high-speed train has been presented for the China-Laos railway line (according to information of the “Zheleznye dorogi mira” Journal)


A ceremony was held in Vientiane for the handover of the first high-speed passenger electric train to the Laos-China Railway joint venture, to be operated on the new railway section linking China and Laos. Laying of track on this railway was recently completed.

The electric train is built according to the Chinese standards and is designed for a speed of 160 km / h. The nine-car train includes a head motor car, a dining car, a car with first-class seats and six second-class cars. The train is equipped with 720 passenger seats. Its test trips will begin shortly.

The first train received its personal name “Lansang” (“Kingdom of a million elephants and a white umbrella”) in honor of the first Lao state founded in the middle of the 14th century. (photo: Xinhua).