Lidars detect obstacles at level crossing in Lithuania (according to information of the “Zheleznye dorogi mira” Journal)


The System integrator Belam (Lithuania) in conjunction with the Cepton based in Silicon Valley (USA) implemented an intelligent signaling system at one of the busy railway level crossings in Lithuania. It is made on the basis of the Cepton’s Helius Smart Lidar solution using the Vista - P90 Series Obstacle Sensing Lidars.

During the development of the automatic level crossing signaling system, the tests of various obstacle detection sensors, including lidars and microwave radars, have confirmed that Helius Smart Lidar has the highest parameters of reliability and safety, operating at any time of the day in different weather conditions. The system generates high-resolution three-dimensional images of automobiles, people and other objects. The software allows you to accurately classify objects and track the speed and direction of their movement.

In combination with other sensors, including video cameras for registration of license plates and meteorological devices, the Helius Smart Lidar composes an intelligent level crossing signaling system that analyzes the traffic situation and initiates the necessary control processes.

The Vista-P90 lidars have a wide viewing angle: 90° horizontally and 40° vertically. The non-reversible, mirrorless and friction-free sensors operate steadily in all weather conditions. During its trial operation, the system handled over 15 thousand trains through a level crossing. The accuracy of its action was 99.9%. Thanks to such parameters, the permitted speed of train movement through the level crossing is doubled (computer graphics, source: Belam).