Investments in Serbia's railway transport estimated at 6 billion Euros (according to information of the “Zheleznye dorogi mira” Journal)


Serbia plans to invest more than 6 billion Euros in the national rail projects in order to fully complete the modernization of the network and link it with other European countries. This was declared by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic at the ceremony of arrival of the Connecting Europe Express thematic train in Belgrade on 13 September 2021.Since 2014, 600 million Euros have been invested in the country's railway infrastructure, and this mode of transport should become the main one in the carriage of passengers and goods.

The following lines are currently in the planning stage: Niš - Dimitrovgrad, Subotica - Szeged, as well as Pancevo - Vrsac - Romanian border and Valjevo - Vrbnica. In addition to it, the development of design documentation for the Belgrade-Nis high-speed line is underway, the construction of which will be financed mainly by grants from the European Union.

The Connecting Europe Express train arrived in the Bulgarian capital Sofia on 16 September 2021. According to the Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications of Bulgaria Hristo Aleksiev, the cost of the railway projects in this country is estimated at 1.79 billion Euros. All of them are financed with funds from the European sources. The main goal remains to be the completion of work within the European corridors in the country (photo: “Infrastructure of the railway station Srbije”).