‘Railways of the World’ journal marks its anniversaries


In 2021, the ‘Railways of the World’ journal, which was founded by the Russian Railways OJSC, celebrates 2 significant events: 60 years since the foundation and the beginning of publication, as well as 50 years since the moment the journal assumed the current masthead.

At the international scientific congress on railway transport held in Brussels in 1885, it was decided to establish a special organisation to hold similar scientific and technical congresses in the future. This is how one of the most authoritative organisations in the field of transport was established – the International Railway Congress Association (IRCA / Commission internationale du Congrès des chemins de fer), whose purpose, in accordance with the charter adopted in 1887, was to promote the development of the railway businesses by periodically convening international congresses to discuss the most important scientific technical, economic and administrative issues, as well as through the production and distribution of printed publications on these issues to its members.

Since 1923, the Association began to publish the monthly Bulletin of the International Railway Congress Association in English and French languages, and later on – in German. This Bulletin publishes reports prepared for congresses, minutes and adopted recommendations, as well as original articles and, mainly, translations of articles from technical journals of different countries on topical issues of locomotive and wagon fleet, tracks, signaling, interlocking and communications, economics, operation and work organisation of railways. A prominent place in the Bulletin was occupied by a bibliography on various branches of railway transport.

In 1892, in St. Petersburg (Russia), one of the first IRCA congresses was held, however, the USSR Railways took part for the first time in the 17th Congress, held in 1958 in Madrid.

Soon after the resumption of cooperation with the IRCA, a decision was made (order of the Ministry of Railways as of 4 September 1960, No. 01232pr) to publish the Bulletin in the Russian language, as well. The first issue of this journal released in January 1961. 10 years later, the Bulletin changed its masthead. The English, German and French editions published in Brussels were titled “Rail International / Schienen der Welt”, while the journal in Russian, published in Moscow, was titled ‘Railways of the World’ (Железные дороги мира) by the instructions of the USSR Ministry of Railways. Thus, the journal has been published with this masthead for 50 years now.

And today the journal ‘Railways of the World’ enjoys steady popularity among the railway professional community. The relevance of published materials always arouses the interest of specialists of all levels. Following modern trends in the dissemination of information, the editorial staff of the journal pays great attention to the work in social media. For example, the number of the journal’s subscribers in Facebook exceeded 34 thousand, which provides the ‘Railways World’ with a confident second place in the world among railway journals after the famous Railway Gazette International.

We express our sincere congratulations to the editorial staff of the journal on the occasion of this significant events and wish them continued success in their fruitful and useful work.