Bulk sulphur load sent from Uzbekistan to Pakistan via Iran for the first time (according to RAI)


As part of the train there were 11 freight wagons weighing 60 tons. On 7 September 2015, having completed the customs procedures, the train proceeded from the station of Sarakhs with a destination of Zahedan station, and after transshipment of wagons at station Zahedan proceeded further via Mirjaveh station in the direction of station Lahore in Pakistan.

In order to increase the transit volumes and international traffic in the direction of Sarakhs -Zahedan - Mirjaveh the cargo owners wre offered a considerable discount in tariffs of up to 35% for the transportation of chemical fertilizers and of up to 40% for the transportation of sulfur. Thanks to these discounts growth in transportation volumes was achieved. The international traffic is further planned to continue its development via Zahedan station with wagon transshipment.