Start of first container block train Dalian - Vorsino (according to TASS, Interfax and Dalian Jibao)


In this document it was agreed to tailor favorable conditions for the provision of comprehensive logistics services with the purpose of investment cooperation and trade development.

On 27 January, within the framework of the meeting, a solemn ceremony was organised for the launching of the first container train Dalian -Vorsino (Kaluga region, Russia) , which almost 10 days later, on 5 February, arrived in Kaluga.

The new transport route within the framework of the "New Silk Road" project connects the booming region of North-East Asia with customers and partners in Europe through the territory of Russia, where cargo handling is performed at the multimodal transport and logistics center "Freight Village Vorsino". In the future it is planned to extend the route through Belarus in the direction of Luxembourg, where a large multi-modal center is situated, and later to the countries of Europe. The goods may include both finished products to the end-consumers, and components and materials for the manufacturing enterprises operating in the territory of Russia and the European Union.

The plant of the Samsung Electronics South Korean company, located in Kaluga region (LLC "Samsung Electronics Rus Kaluga") produces TV sets and household equipment, which are delivered to consumers both in Russia and in many countries of Asia and Europe. It uses components imported from China and South Korea.

Until now the goods from Asia have been shipped only by sea and then by land, which took almost 2 months (50 days). When the new project for rail shipping is implemented the time will be significantly reduced, which will facilitate the production expansion, reduction of logistics costs, improvement of logistics efficiency, as well as change the logistical model and help to attract goods from the sea transport onto the railways.