Four new traction substations opened in Czech Republic (according to SZDC


"The traction converter stations were equipped mostly with obsolete technology and their technical state did not correspond to European parameters and standards. The new traction converter stations will ensure a reliable power source; moreover they will increase railway operation safety as they can also partially power lines not directly adjacent to them in case of emergency", said Pavel Sury, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

The main objective of all four projects is a reconstruction of separate technological equipment at traction substations and service buildings, area low tension service lines, lighting and drainage. Part of the construction also includes adapting access roads, strengthened surfaces and laying communication cables.

Complete reconstruction and modernisation of these buildings and installations contribute to increasing the traction substations' output due to higher requirements for supplying power to feeding of railway lines. The projects' implementation also complies with demand for increased reliability of railway transport in the given line sections in any circumstances, in more intense operation, unfavourable climate conditions or failures of neighbouring traction substations.

The investor of all the construction is SZDC, state organisation. The projects are financed nationally by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.