First China Railway Express arriving in Poland


The twenty-two carriage train delivered electronics goods and auto parts to the Polish State Railways (PKP) Cargo Terminal in Warsaw. The arrival of the China Railway Express marked the opening of the New Silk Road - a Chinese project to open a new commercial route linking Asia and Europe. At the same time a container block train with Polish goods set off in the opposite direction to China.

Trains from China reach Europe within 12 to 15 days, while ships sail to Europe from 35 to as much as 50 days, let alone the time needed to deliver the goods to and from ports. Air transport is almost 70% more expensive, which is why there is a growing interest in the transport of goods by rail. Currently, there are some 20 regular trains to and from China each week.

During bilateral meetings in Warsaw President of the Republic of Poland noted that the prospects of cooperation are great and that Polish authorities try to do everything to support the business development, hence a decision was taken to open another Polish Consulate General in Chengdu, in the city, where this symbolic railway line (between Chengdu and Lodz) begins.

President also expressed his hope that Poland will become a gateway for China's transit to Europe, that there were more air flights and trains, that the business flow were more efficient. Development of all transport connections will facilitate collaboration, particularly in the exchange of goods, and will also strengthen Polish exports to China, mainly of agricultural commodities.

China and Poland are situated the two ends of the new Eurasian bridge, and the priority is the economic and trade cooperation, - said President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping. He also added that work will be continued to promote the spirit of the Silk Road and to conduct further consultations with the purpose of developing economic prosperity and cooperation.

It should be noted that OSJD carries out large-scale activities aimed at organising container block trains traffic between China and Europe, to facilitate border-crossing procedures and to reduce the time of delivery as a whole.