Belarus Railways begin electrification of Molodechno – Gudogai state border railway line (according to Byelorussian Railway)


According to the Head of Belarus Railways, Vladimir Morozov, the implementation of the project for the electrification of the Molodechno – Gudogai state border railway line will help to establish a high-capacity transport and logistics complex and to ensure a through traffic of cargo from north to south and from east to west. “The line is expected to become an important part of the Silk Road Economic Belt, to make the international transport corridors crossing the territory of our country more attractive,” said Vladimir Morozov. “I would also like to mention that the electrified line will make travelling between Minsk and Vilnius easier and more convenient, because the travel time will be reduced to two hours.”

The Head of Belarus Railways also stressed that the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, is cost-effective.

Albinas Ragauskis, Deputy Director General – Director of Railway Infrastructure Directorate of JSC Lithuanian Railways, noticed that electrification is an important step forward for both Belarus and Lithuania since it will help to develop the industry and to enhance the competitive abilities of the railways. He added that only cooperation and partnership will help to achieve the goals and that he hoped the first electric train would depart soon.

Van Jinsong, President of China National Electric Import & Export Corporation, pointed out that CUEC has a number of joint projects with Byelorussian Railway in recent years, including the projects for electrification and supply of EMUs. He wished the project every success and hoped it would be effective.