Eurasian Friendship Express 2015


At the large stations along the route, heads and officials from the receiving railways would welcome the delegation composed of representatives from political, cultural and economic communities of the Republic of Korea. Thus, at the Yaroslavsky station in Moscow, a ceremony was held with the participation of the President of RZD JSC Vladimir Yakunin. In Warsaw, the delegation visited OSJD Committee at which the exchange of opinions took place on matters concerning the development of railway transport.

During the journey in Russia, within the project of "Eurasian Friendship Train", an agreement was signed on twinning five of the railway stations of Russia and Republic of Korea:

  1. Vladivostok Station (Vladivostok city) -Busan Station (Busan city)
  2. Irkutsk-Pass. Station (Irkutsk city) - Chuncheon Station (Chuncheon city)
  3. Novosibirsk Main Railway Station (Novosibirsk city) - Tejon Station (Tejon city)
  4. Yekaterinburg Station (Yekaterinburg city) -Pohang Station (Pohang


  1. Yaroslavsky Station (Moscow city) - Seoul Station (Seoul city)

The twinning of the individual pairs of railway stations is arranged by means of special agreements on cooperation. The pairs of station were chosen according to similarities in architecture layout, the volume and structure of passenger traffic, the square and area of the stations, intermodality, social-economic characteristics of location of the stations and etc.

The train was named the "Eurasian Friendship Train" on the initiative of South Korean railway workers. The train traveled covering about 11000 kilometers within 15 days, with stops.