XXXI Meeting of the Conference of General Directors (Authorized Representatives) of OSJD Railways


The CGD meeting was attended by the delegations of 21 OSJD railways, as well as representatives of OSJD observers and affiliated enterprises and OSJD Committee.

The CGD meeting was chaired by Almazbek Nogoybayev, General Director of “National Company Kyrgyz Temir Joly” State Enterprise, and the meeting secretary’s functions are performed by Attila Kiss, Secretary of OSJD Committee.

Opening the meeting Almazbek Nogoybayev, General Director of “National Company Kyrgyz Temir Joly” State Enterprise has expressed his best congratulations to all participants on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of OSJD, pointing out the main trends in the OSJD current activities and challenges for the future.

As part of the agenda, the CGD meeting started to discuss the results of work for 2015 of the following OSJD working bodies:

- OSJD Commission on Freight Traffic,

- OSJD Commission on Passenger Traffic,

- OSJD Commission on Infrastructure and Rolling Stock,

- OSJD Permanent Working Group on Coding and IT,

- OSJD Permanent Working Group on Finance and Accounting.

Meanwhile, the following issues are planned to be discussed during the next few days:

- Progress in the mechanism of mutual settlements and repayment of debts between railways;

- Progress of preparations for the International Conference on the adoption of the Convention on Direct International Rail Traffic;

- Work results of the Ad Hoc Working Group on PGW revision (PGW – Rules for the Use of Wagons);

- Work progress of the AWG on the preparation of recommendations on common approaches in the sphere of professional training in the field of rail freight traffic;

- On membership of the Republic of Korea in OSJD;

- Report on OSJD Activities for 2015;

- Work Programme of OSJD for 2017 and subsequent years;

- OSJD Committee’s Budget (final - for 2016 and preliminary - for 2017);

- Composition and rotation procedure for the members of the OSJD Auditing Commission;

- Granting the status of an OSJD affiliated enterprise to the Mongolian Railway SJSC;

- Provisional agenda, date and venue of meeting XXXII of the Conference of General Directors.