First container train from China to Iran launched (according to the Xinhua news agency)


The route of this container train laid main rail­way network of Chine connected through the Alashankou - Dostyk border crossing point onto the railway network of Kazakhstan, Turk­menistan and Iran with a destination in Tehran. The total length of the route makes up 10399 km throughout which technical operations are carried out twice due to a double change of the track gauge. The en-route time by rail has made about 10 days.

This container train is another block train which route passes through the Silk Way, thus implementing the concept "One Belt - One Road".

Since the moment that the concept "One Belt - One Road" has been put forward, container route trains began to develop promptly. For the past two years the goods transportation prime costs decreased by 20%, but the transportation efficiency increased by 20%. In 2015 the number of organised container block trains made up 815 that is 165% more in comparison with the similar period of the past year.