Heads of the Railways of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia have agreed to update the model of UTLC development (according to the UTLC JSC)


The parties have considered the work results of the company for 2015, intermediate results of its activities since the beginning of 2016 and have discussed further prospects of UTLC development.

It is noted that the transportation volumes of the UTLC JSC in 2015 has made up 48.3 thousand TEUs. The plan for 2016 has provided the index growth by almost 70%, which is about 80 thousand TEUs.

Heads of the companies have coordinated the key principles of operational model of the UTLC JSC, among which there is a work implementation within the borders of the railways of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus with its possible expansion. The basic route of container traffic carried out by the UTLC JSC passes through the route of Dostyk/Altynkol - Brest and in the opposite direction. Furthermore additional routes are approved by the parties in the process of project development.

The parties have come to a conclusion that a uniform approach is required to formulate the tariff policy both for the affiliated and dependent enterprises, and for the third-party participants in the Eurasian transportation market. An updated operational model of UTLC JSC also provides a possibility to attract third-party rolling stock operators and logistics companies on market conditions for optimising the cost of services and increase their quality.

Heads of the railway companies of the three countries have agreed to cooperate in working out the business plan of UTLC development for the period till 2025 and the shareholders' agreement in regard to the UTLC JSC.