Škoda is making progress with deliveries of wheel motor units to Kazakhstan


The U.S. machine building company Wabtec and Škoda Group of the Czech Republic signed a contract for delivery of wheel motor units for 26 six-axle locomotives that are being assembled in Kazakhstan. A total of 156 sets will be delivered, with each set consisting of a traction motor, a reduction gear, and a wheel pair. The contract is scheduled to be fulfilled during 2023.

In the process of manufacturing, the Czech company has to tailor the equipment to the harsh conditions under which the locomotives will be operated in the Central Asian region where ambient temperatures range from +55 to –55 °С.

The customer’s stringent requirements must also be met in rigorous comprehensive tests of the complete set which includes both the reduction gear and wheel pair.

For Kazakhstan Railways, this is not the first experience in using Škoda products in rolling stock. The Czech company supplied similar equipment to GE Transportation which bought from Kazakhstan Railways a 50 % share in a locomotive building facility in 2016, and merged with Wabtec in 2019. Over the years, Škoda Group delivered components for more than 50 locomotives to Wabtec.


(the news coverage has been prepared with the assistance of the editorial staff of the “Railways of the World” journal)