Iran established a few railways (according to information of the “Zheleznye dorogi mira” Journal)


A 271 km long railway line between Yazd and Eghlid in a central part of Iran was opened for operating on 29 July 2021. The journey time from Shiraz in the south of the country to the northwest regions was reduced by around four hours.

The railway which will serve mines and industrial sites along the line especially in Fars province is expected to annually carry 5,7 million tones various goods.

In the Ministry for roads and urban development was on the same day announced the opening of the final section of a new 42 km long line between Bostanabad and a new station Khaveran situated to the southeast from Tabriz (a province East Azerbaijan), which is a part of the double track line Tabriz –Miyaneh. 2020 was opened its new section between Bostanabad and Miyaneh. The new line will significantly contribute to reducing the journey time between Tehran, Tabriz and the borders with Turkey and Azerbaijan. The distance between Tabriz and Tehran will be faster covered by around 5,5 hours.

Opened for operating were two railway line more – the 106 km long one in the Zanjan province and the 82 km long one in the central part of Iran between cities Bafgh ( Yezd province) and Zarrinshahr (Ysfaghan province). The last one will serve the large mining and steel industrial complexes.

In the Ministry was confirmed that in the coming months, the railway line construction projects will start. The railway line will connect the Iranian railway network with Kurdistan, Ardabil town and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces. (picture : Ministry for roads and urban development