OSJD Working Bodies

 Commissions on:


I. Commission on Transport Policy and Development Strategy;

II. Commission on Transport Law;

III. Commission on Freight Traffic;

IV. Commission on Passenger Traffic;

V. Commission on Infrastructure and Rolling Stock.


I Commission on Transport Policy
and Development Strategy

 Shukhrat Kayumkhodjaev
e-mail: kayumkhodjaev@osjd.org.pl
Uzbekistan (+48 22) 657-36-28
Specialist   Zurab Kozmava
e-mail: kozmava@osjd.org.pl
Georgia (+48 22) 657-36-27

 Aian Mamytov
e-mail: mamytov@osjd.org.pl

Kyrgyzstan (+48 22) 657-36-42
Specialist   Diana Iurkovski  
e-mail: iurkovski@osjd.org.pl
Romania (+48 22) 657-36-04
II Commission on Transport Law
 Mykola Nosenko
e-mail: nosenko@osjd.org.pl
Ukraine (+48 22) 657-36-06
Specialist   Reza Lotfi
e-mail: reza@osjd.pl
Iran (+48 22) 657-36-08
Specialist   Jelena Antonevic
e-mail: antonevic@osjd.org.pl
Lithuania (+48 22) 657-36-07
Specialist   Gulakhmadov Sorbon
Tajikistan (+48 22) 657-36-23
Specialist   Anne Niinepuu
Estonia (+ 48 22) 657-36-20
III Commission on Freight Traffic
 Zubaida Aspayeva
e-mail: aspayeva@osjd.org.pl
Kazakhstan (+48 22) 657-36-11
Specialist   Jang In Chol
e-mail: janginchol@osjd.org.pl
DPRK (+48 22) 657-36-13
Specialist   Olga Artemjeva
e-mail: artemjeva@osjd.org.pl
Latvia (+48 22) 657-36-25

 Altankhuyag Tsevegsuren
e-mail: tsevegsuren@osjd.org.pl 

Mongolia (+48 22) 657-36-03

 Bakhshi Abdulrazaq
e-mail: bakhshi@osjd.org.pl 

Afghanistan (+48 22) 657-36-47
Specialist (seconded)  Kang Hyeonsoo  
e-mail: KangHyeonsoo@osjd.org.pl
Korea (+48 22) 657-36-48
IV Commission on Passenger traffic
 Viktar Kashanau
e-mail: kashanau@osjd.org.pl
Belarus (+48 22) 657-36-10
Specialist   Nguyen Duc Minh
e-mail: nguyen@osjd.org.pl
Vietnam (+48 22) 657-36-14
Specialist   An Seongmin  
e-mail: AnSeongmin@osjd.org.pl
Korea (+48 22) 657-36-48
  - Turkmenistan  
V Commission on Infrastructure
and Rolling Stock
 Radovan Vopalecky
e-mail: vopalecky@osjd.org.pl
Czechia (+48 22) 657-36-12
Specialist   Shurganova Angelina
e-mail: shurganova@osjd.org.pl
Azerbaijan (+48 22) 657-36-29
Specialist   Vasile Codreanu
e-mail: codreanu@osjd.org.pl
Moldova (+48 22) 657-36-46

Parmanent Working Groups    

Permanent Working Group
on Coding and IT
Mario Matta
e-mail: matta@osjd.org.pl
Slovakia (+48 22) 657-36-21
Permanent Working Group
on Finance and Accounting
Kunka Kirkova
e-mail: kirkova@osjd.org.pl
 Bulgaria (+48 22) 657-36-24


Ad Hoc Working Groups:

− Ad Hoc Working Group on the issues of vocational training/education in the field of railway freight traffic;

− Ad Hoc Working Group of Experts of the OSJD Commission on Transport Policy and Development Strategy on the technological, programming and informational issues of the scientific, technical and economic information (STEI);

− Ad Hoc Working Group of Experts of the OSJD Commission on Transport Policy and Development Strategy on statistics of OSJD railway transport;

− Ad Hoc Working Group of Experts of the OSJD Commission on Transport Law for the updating of the Rules for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Annex 2 to SMGS);

− Ad Hoc Working Group of the OSJD Commission on Transport Law on the development of technical regulations for stowing and fastening of goods;

Joint Working Groups with Other International Organisations:

- OSJD/ERA Contact Group on the subject:"Collaboration between ERA and OSJD on the analysis of the relationship between EU and non-EU 1520-mm/1524-mm and 1435-mm rail systems of EU and non-EU states;

- Joint Working Group (Legal Group) of CIT/OSJD on CIM/SMGS transport law harmonization;

- Joint OSJD/UIC Group "Coding and Information Technology";

- OSJD/UIC Joint Working Group of concerned railway companies in reviewing and converting the OSJD/UIC joint leaflets, included in the priority list, into draft OSJD/UIC international technical solutions in the field of railway transport of voluntary accession”.