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Organisation for Co-Operation between Railways (OSJD)

Transpotr Week - 2016

"Transport Week - 2016” in Moscow

(according to the Ministry of Transport ofRF and Federal State Budgetary Institution DPO “UMC ZhDT”)


 Транспортная неделя

At the end of 2016 - from 29 November till 2 December the Transport Week took place in Moscow a number of which events were attended by the representatives of the OSJD Committee.

Within the Transport Week in Moscow a num­ber of events were held including the X-th Anniversary Forum and the International Exhibition “Transport of Russia - 2016” from 30 November till 2 December 2016, which purposes were to demonstrate the work progress of the transport industry for the past year and to ensuring a dialogue between the business representatives and the governmental authorities for the joint solution of the tasks facing the transport complex of the Russian Federation.

At the X-th Anniversary International Exhibition in 2016, 105 companies-exhibitors from 41 countries presented their products and services to about 8000 visitors. The exhibition expanded its exposition on the territory of about 3700 sq.m and demonstrated clearly the implementation course of the most significant projects in the sphere of railway, road, air, sea and river modes of transport.

The integrated stand of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport at the exhibition included a display of the Federal State Budgetary Institution DPO UMC ZhDT representing various publications on the main specialties of railway transport, educational books for ensuring transport safety, albums, video films, methodical booklets, control and estimative control and estimative means. It attracted the attention of rectors, teachers and students of educational institutions, specialists of various enterprises and organisations of the transport complex of Russia, the FSU countries and beyond. The OSJD latest printed publications were also represented at the stand, including the OSJD Bulletin, Report on OSJD Activities, etc. At the Roszheldor stand the exhibition visitors could acquainted with great interest with a collection of articles and information materials issued for the 60th anniversary of OSJD and the 120th anniversary of MET under the title “Directions of Strategic Development of Railway Transport in OSJD member countries”.

The opening ceremony of the X-th Anniversary International Forum and the “Transport of Russia” exhibition took place on 30 December. A welcome speech at the ceremony was delivered by Maxim Sokolov, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation who, addressing the guests and participants of the event, emphasized that “the meetings held during the transport forum represent always a prospect for development and a look into the future”. The Minister noted that the promptly changing world dictates today its rules, and the transport system of Russia should change together with it. “Introduction of something new is always an impudence and a risk, and at the key moment is even an unalterable determination” - added the Minister.

Sergey Ivanov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Nature Protection Activities, Ecology and Transport delivered a greeting address from Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation to the participants and guests of the forum and noted that the forum became an expected event in the professional transport environment. Speaking about the key tasks of the state policy, Sergey Ivanov noted, that “today it is necessary to raise the competitiveness of domestic transport infrastructure and to lift the restrictions of the economic growth. We also need to pay attention to the forming of new international corridors and to ensuring the availability and quality of modern services”.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Igor Levitin, Special Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation. He thanked Maxim Sokolov for the respect of traditions explained in an annual conduct of the key industry event. “Today the country’s transport employees are provided with a platform for the discussion. I would like to wish to the forum a firm future and new projects which could change the transport infrastructure of Russia”, - added Igor Levitin.

In the end of the ceremony a symbolical time capsule was handed over which contained drawings and creative works of the students of transport higher education institutions devoted to the transport of the future. The capsule will be open in exactly 10 years at the XX-th Anniversary Forum “Transport of Russia”.

The industry conference “Innovations in Railway Transport” became a key event in the business programme of the first day of the forum during which the participants could discuss the near future of railway industry and the projects which are implemented by the Russian companies at present. Special attention was paid to the reports, deliv­ered by: Senior Vice-President - Chief Engineer of the Russian Railways JSC Valentin Gapanovich - “Comprehensive programme of innovative development of the Russian Railways holding for 2016-2020”; Director of Work with Key Customers of the Alstom representative Olga Surikova “Alternative types of fuel for railway transport”, which will make it possible to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by 30%; President of the " of the CREC company Lu Bo who shared his experience of how high-speed railway projects are implemented in China.

A meeting of the Coordination Council for the Development of Rail­way Education System held in MIIT under the chairmanship of D.S. Shakhanov, Vice-President of the Russian Railways JSC, became a central event in the second day of the anniversary forum within the framework of the “Transport Week - 2016”.

The for the Development of Railway Education System has been established by the order of President of the Russian Railways JSC O.V Belozyerov in April 2016 for the purpose of improving the quality of preparation and advanced training of specialists with higher and secondary professional education for the Russian Railways.

The Coordination Council is composed of the top officials of RZD JSC and its branches, rectors of railway higher education institutions, Director of Federal State Budgetary Institution DPO UMC ZHDT O.V Starykh.

During the meeting the following reports and presentations were delivered:

- “Concept of transport education development. Position and vision of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation” (director of Administrative Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation K.A. Pashkov, Deputy Director General of Roszheldor I.V Mitsuk);

  • “Priority objectives in the creation of the Russian Transport University” (rector of MGUPS/MIIT B.A. Levin);
  • “Key aspects in the training development of railway staff with higher and secondary professional education” (Deputy Chief, Department of Personnel Management of the Russian Railways JSC I.P Chirva).

Within the framework of the Anniversary Forum, the Training and Methodical Center for Railway Transport Education organised on 1 December a round table under the subject “Transport Book of Russia” during which a presentation ceremony of a unique book published to mark the 100th anniversary of the Trans-Siberian Railway construction termination under the title “Great Siberian Railway” took place. The ceremony was attended by the representatives of UMC ZhDT and Central Museum of Railway Transport. The five-volume publication “Historic Milestones of Railways” (written by Z.L. Kreynis) became another milestone event in the presentation ceremony.

One of the most significant events within the framework of the Transport Week has become the 4th International Conference on Investments and Pricing in Railway Transport on the following sub­ject: “Development of infrastructure and logistics of international transport corridors on the basis of innovative tariff’ which took place on 29 November 2016.

Within this Conference the following issues were submitted for discussion:

  • creation of necessary conditions for the development of the international transport corridors logistics and for the interface of the economic belt “Silk Way” with the Euroasian Economic Union;
  • innovative tariff solutions as instruments for the development of international transport corridors, competitiveness and high-quality services of railway and multimodal transport of goods and passengers;
  • funding mechanisms and development of railway infrastructure in Russia and abroad, including the principles of public-private partnership;
  • transport law and legislation in the conditions of integration processes development, including the creation of a uniform transport law, as well as other relevant issues of market development for railway and combined transportation.

The wide scale and high level of the forum which was organised with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Russian Railways JSC, Guild of Freight Forwarders and International Association of Logistics Businesses have been acknowledged by the fact that it was attended not only by the top officials of the Russian transport and railway industry, but also by the representatives of the transport ministries and departments, non-commercial associations, large business entities and scientists from more than 15 countries of the world, among which there were Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland and others, and the largest international organisations - OSJD, UNECE ITC and the EuroAsian Economic Commission.

A number of other events took place “on the fields” of the Conference among which there were bilateral meetings of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov with the State Secretary for Infrastructure, Transport and Construction of the Ministry of Development of the Kingdom of Spain Julio Gomez-Pomar and with the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Latvia Uldis Augulis.

The conferees expressed their unanimous opinion that joint expert work of the market regulators and participants will promote further cooperation and collaboration development of the countries - members of the international transport corridors (ITC) for the ITC joint infrastructure and logistics enhancement, will facilitate further exchange of the best international practices in the sphere of transport regulation. It also makes it possible to discuss the current problems and tasks connected with forming, work and interaction of the regional and world transport markets.

The conferees unanimously approved the draft Recommendations of the conference including the participants’ proposals received during the conference progress such as further development of logistics system of the international transport corridors, seamless and barrier-free border crossing, creation of optimum technological and tariff delivery conditions for goods and passengers, as

well as implementation of large-scale projects for the development of new transport logistics systems and technologies in the international traffic.

The conferees agreed to continue the Conference work in an annual working platform format to discuss the issues of investment system development and price determination in railway transport, as well as of infrastructure and logistics of the international transport corridors.

Addressing the Conference plenary session with a report, Victor Zhukov, Deputy Chairman of OSJD Committee dwelt upon the issues connected with the activities carried out by OSJD in the field of railway transport law improvement, development of OSJD railway transport corridors, progress in the work of the international intergovernmental conference for the adoption of the text of the Convention on Direct International Traffic and some others.

The “Transport Week - 2016” was finally crowned with the IV-th Forum of Transport Education under the key subject “University 3.0. A new formula for the integration of science, technologies, education and business”.

The forum was attended by rectors and students of transport higher education institutions, representatives of financial and public organisations, and foreign guests.

In his welcome address Maxim Sokolov emphasized that the transport education development is a demand of today, an imminent need for providing skilled personnel for the transport complex capable of implementing the objectives set forth in the Transport Strategy until 2030. Considerable work has been performed for this purpose.

For example, a set of documents for the creation of the Russian Transport University on the basis of the Moscow State University for Railway Engineering after Emperor Nicholas II has been submitted for the Government’s consideration. According to the Minister, the Russian Transport University will be provided with a unique opportunity for the development of new training courses of prepara­tion in the field of inter-transport and all-transport issues, development of programmes in the sphere of transport construction. Besides, the Transport Education Development Concept until 2030 has been worked out. The draft document has been supported in general by the Coordination Council and the Working Group at the Public Council of the Ministry of Transport, as well as by the Presidium of the Union of Transport Workers of Russia.





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