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Organisation for Co-Operation between Railways (OSJD)


Dear readers!

 We kindly inform you, that starting from January 2015 the "OSJD Bulletin" will no longer be published in German version, but in English!


Subscription can be ordered at

Or by phone: +48 22 6573600, +48 22 6573618, +48 22 6573617.

The subscription price per year amounts per 60 euros, including the post expenses.

When ordering please specify the required language: English, Chinese or Russian.


Liebe Leser!

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die „Zeitschrift der OSShD“ ab Januar 2015 nicht mehr in der deutschen Sprache herausgegeben wird, dagegen beginnen wir mit der Veröffentlichung der englischen Version der Zeitschrift "OSJD Bulletin"! 

Bitte, bestellen Sie die Subskription am

Oder per Telefon: +48 22 6573600, +48 22 6573618, +48 22 6573617.

Der Bezugspreis pro Jahr ist 60 € inklusive alle Portokosten.

 Bei der Bestellung hinweisen Sie bitte die gewünschte Sprache: Englisch, Chinesisch oder Russisch.




The OSJD Committee publishes:

The "OSJD Bulletin" journal. Six issues per annum are available in Chinese, German and Russia. The Bulletin contains information on OSJD activities, articles on current problems of railway transport modification and development; it also highlights the inter-railways experience exchange in the field of operational performance, introduction of new equipment and technology, economic indices improvement; Editor-in-Chief of the journal – Kabenkov Sergey, Tel.: +48 22 6573617, e-mail:

- OSJD Bulletin of statistical data on railway transport - download;

- Report on OSJD activities - download;

- Information Guide -download;

- Map of OSJD Railway Transport Corridorsdownload;

- English-French-Germen-Russian Dictionary of OSJD Abbreviatiosdownload;

- EuroAsia Rail 2016 - download.

One can make a subscription for the bulletin in the desired language by a direct order through the OSJD Committee, ul. Hoza 63/67, 00-681 Warsaw, Republic of Poland. The subscription price is 60 Euros (including dispatch).

Official Languages

The OSJD working languages are Chinese and Russian. In international activities English and German are used.

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