Executive Body

The OSJD Committee is the executive body of the Organization.

It exercises control over OSJD activities in the period between the sessions of the Ministers Conference and General Directors Conference meetings. The Committee functions as a depository for the agreements and contracts concluded within the OSJD framework.

The Committee is manned by the experts, appointed to the OSJD by its member countries. The Committee is headed by the Chairman, with two Deputy Chairmen and an Committee Secretary complementing the Committee`s directorate.

Contacts OSJD COMMITTEE:   PL-00-681 Warsaw, ul. Hoza, 63/67, Tel./Fax: (+48 22) 657-36-00, 621-94-17, 657-36-90, 657-36-55, e-mail: osjd@osjd.org.pl

Chairman Tadeusz Szozda 
e-mail: szozda@osjd.org.pl
Poland (+48 22) 657-36-00
Deputy Chairman Mikhail Vsevolozhskiy 
e-mail: vsevolozhskiy@osjd.org.pl
Russia (+48 22) 657-36-02
Deputy Chairman Zhang Qun
e-mail:  zhangqun@osjd.org.pl
China (+48 22) 657-36-05
Secretary of the Committee Attila Kiss
e-mail:  kiss@osjd.org.pl
Hungary (+48 22) 657-36-09