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Organisation for Co-Operation between Railways (OSJD)

Fields of Activities

Major OSJD activities comprise:

- development and improvement of international railway transportation with the traffic between and Asia in the first place, to include combined transportation;

- development of consentaneous transport policy in the field of international railway traffic, elaboration of railway transport and OSJD activity strategies;

- improvement of international transport law, administration of the Convention concerning International Passenger Traffic by Rail (SMPS), Convention concerning International Goods Traffic by Rail (SMGS) and other legal documents connected with the international railwaytraffic;

- co-operation on the solution of the problems connected with the economic, information, scientific, technological and ecological aspects of railway transport;

- development of measures aimed at the increase of railway transport competitiveness in comparison with other modes of transportation;

- co-operation in the field of railway operation and technical matters connected with further development of international railway traffic;

- collaboration with other international organizations, engaged in railway transportation matters, including those of combined transport. 

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