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Session II of the International Conference to Adopt the Text of the Convention on Direct International Railway Traffic (press-release)

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From 27 till 31 March 2017 the II-nd session of the International Conference to adopt the Convention on Direct International Railway Traffic was held in Warsaw (Republic of Poland) attended by the delegations of the following OSJD member countries:

Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Albania, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Bulgaria, Hungary, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Georgia, Islamic Republic of Iran, People's Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Republic of Poland, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Republic of Estonia. The session was also attended by the representatives of the European Union (EU), Republic of Korea, Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF) and OSJD Committee.

The session was chaired by Sergey Aristov, State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, and the functions of the Session Secretary were performed by Tadeusz Szozda, Chairman of the OSJD Committee.

To verify the credentials, a Committee was elected consisting of the representatives of delegations from Hungary, Georgia, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Poland. The Chairperson of the Committee, Olga Artemieva, reported on the availability of credentials of 21 delegations of OSJD member states, in connection with which Chairman of the session, Sergei Aristov, stated its validity.

Participants to the session noted that representatives of the European Union had submitted credentials from the President of the European Commission.

During the session, the text of the preamble and articles 1-21 of the draft Convention on Direct International Railway Traffic was considered and adopted, and a number of amendments and additions were made by consensus. The course of consideration and the text of the adopted amendments and additions have been reflected in the protocol, compiled and signed in three languages: English, Chinese and Russian.

The Conference decided to hold its third session from 27 November till 1 December 2017 in Warsaw (Republic of Poland) by adopting the provisional agenda as follows:

  1. Approval of the agenda of session III.
  2. Consideration of the text of the Convention on Direct International Railway Traffic.
  3. Date and agenda of session IV of the Conference.

The Conference also approved the preliminary date for session IV of the Conference –26-30 March 2018.

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