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27.02.2019 | 10:59

PKP LHS with another record in transport and investment for 2018 (according to PKP LHS LLC)


Record transportation volumes

The Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line (Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa - PKP LHS Ltd.) has recorded a 6.5% increase in transportation records as compared to 2017. In 2018, PKP LHS transported a total of 10 million 716 thousand tons of goods, gaining the highest score in its history. The year of 2018 was also a record-breaking for the company in terms of completed investments.

  • It is not easy to maintain the transportation growth at such a wide front of investment work, especially on the single-track line. The more I congratulate the company on this result. It is also important that despite the growing transportation volumes of iron ore, the company maintained a positive trend in the diversification of transported cargo, - says Andrzej Bittel, Vice-Minister in the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Poland.

In 2018, the volumes of transported iron ore, hard coal, cement, lime, metal and agricultural products, food and feed for domestic animals increased. The share of iron ore in total transport amounted to 44.53%.

  • I am proud of the growing transport performance that we have achieved despite the ongoing modernization works. That’s why I would like to thank our partners and the whole team for their hard work. What is important, we continue the real diversification of broad-gauge services, - says Zbigniew Tracichleb, Chairman of the Management Board of PKP LHS LLC.
  • Record investments
  • The company carries out most of its investments from its own resources, while in 2018, it raised PLN 121 million from the European Investment Bank as part of the European Fund for Strategic Investments.
  • In 2018, the first modernization stage of the Zamość Bortatycze station was completed, where a modern railway traffic control system was launched, which allows increasing the station's capacity and personnel safety. The modernization project of the largest station on the broad gauge line - Sławków LHS was completed, where a new track system and a computer control system were installed. The company has modernized 10 locomotives and is also continuing to build a fiber-optic cable line, which allowed to increase the possibilities of planning and performing the transportation.
  • The analyzes regarding the profitability of possible electrification and extension of the broad gauge line are under preparation. The total value of the projects implemented in 2018 amounted to approx. PLN 120 million.
  • It is necessary to say that PKP LHS manages only 2% of the Polish railway network, transporting over 4% of all goods volumes and carrying out almost 7% of transport work throughout the country.



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