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27.02.2019 | 10:56

PKP PLK to modernize the railway infrastructure in the eastern direction to increase the transshipment potential (according to the PKP PLK JSC)


The uninterrupted movement of trains, the increase in throughput in the main East - West transport corridor, the ability to pass a larger number of freight trains - all this will be possible as a result of investment in increasing the capacity of the border crossing point in the Terespol - Brest section. To fulfill these tasks, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. (PKP Polish Lines) has announced a tender for the design of tracks at Terespol station.

One of the priorities of JSC "PKP PLK" puts an increase in throughput on the route Moscow - Minsk - Warsaw - Berlin. The growing volumes of trade exchange between Europe and Asia imply a significant increase in the volume of freight traffic at the Terespol - Brest border crossing. The implementation of the task will lead to a significant increase in the transshipment potential at the station.

Increase in the traffic between Poland and Belarus

As part of the announced technical assignment, the contractor will need to prepare project documentation for the development of the Terespol border station, which envisages bringing the number of tracks with a width of 1520 mm and an axle load of 25 tons/s to 10, which will speed up and optimize customs and border control. Work on the preparation of the project will begin in 2019 and be completed in 2022. The project will be financed at the expense of the company's own funds. New routes will be able to receive a greater number of freight trains arriving from Belarus, which will also contribute to an increase in trade exchanges between the two neighboring countries.

PKP PLK JSC will also reconstruct the Terespol passenger station in order to increase passenger comfort.

Greater freight opportunity at the eastern border

In addition to investments at the Terespol station, PKP PLK JSC implements a large- scale project providing for an increase in the volume of transshipment of goods in cross-border traffic. Performing this task will ensure uninterrupted movement and the passage of a larger number of trains across the border. Investments must be mastered before 2023. The project envisages modernization of the infrastructure, construction and expansion of the railways, which will ensure the best handling of goods transported by rail from East to West.

For example, at the border crossing Medyka - Mostiska II, the railway tracks with a gauge of 1435 mm and 1520 mm on the Polish side are being modernized. After completion of the work will be possible to service freight trains of elongated composition and increased capacity.

A more efficient passage of the border will also provide new switches and a contact network, as a result of which speed limits will be lifted. Until 2023, it was also planned to carry out work on 7 sections of access roads to the transshipment terminals.

In 2017, PKP PLK carried out traveling work on the section of the wide-gauge line Kobylany - Terespol and further to the border with Belarus. As part of the investment, an additional route was laid, some routes were extended, the train control system was modernized. As a result, the train speed increased to 60 km/h (from 40 km/h), and it became possible to accept long-haul trains with a greater axle load.

In recent years, PKP PLK carried out work on the modernization of railways on the route from Poland to Germany. In 2016, a new bridge over the Nysa Łużycka River was commissioned, allowing trains to pass through this section at a speed of 120 km/h (instead of 50 km/h earlier) and with greater axle load.

The stations Biała Podlaska, Terespol and Małaszewicze will change their appearance

New, convenient platforms and underground passages with elevators will appear at the stations Biała Podlaska and Terespol, and passengers will use the new platforms at the station Malaszewicze. Work begins on the construction of the viaduct in Biala Podlaska, which will replace the rail-road crossing. Temporary changes in the organization of movement of passenger and freight rains will occur at the time of complex work, which may cause some inconvenience for passengers.

At the station Biala Podlaska, more comfortable conditions will be created for passengers due to the re-equipment of the platforms: new canopies, benches and lighting will appear there. Anti-slip coating on the surface of the platform with guide lines will facilitate the movement of passengers with disabilities, including the visually impaired and the blind. An underground pedestrian crossing with elevators will provide easy access for boarding trains. At present, drainage works and construction of new tracks are continuing at the station.

The construction of new platforms is continuing at Terespol station. Work is underway to reconstruct the underpass, which will also be equipped with elevators. The station is also working on the laying of power lines and contact network.

Passengers at the Malaszewicze station are already using new platforms. A new control room is currently under construction, a new contact network is being laid and ways are being replaced.

Realization of investments of PKP PLK JSC will improve rail transportation in the regional and international traffic. Passenger trains will be able to move at speeds up to 160 km/h, and freight trains - up to 120 km/h. Thanks to modernization, the level of safety and comfort of passengers will increase, as well as the competitiveness of rail transport in general.

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