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Organisation for Co-Operation between Railways (OSJD)

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  • 13.06.2017 | 09:12XLV session of the OSJD Ministerial Council (press-release)

    In the city of Sochi the XLV OSJD Ministerial Conference session was held on 5-8 June 2017

  • 18.05.2017 | 09:52Session II of the International Conference to Adopt the Text of the Convention on Direct International Railway Traffic (press-release)

    From 27 till 31 March 2017 the II-nd session of the International Conference to adopt the Convention on Direct International Railway Traffic was held in Warsaw (Republic of Poland) attended by the delegations of the following OSJD member countries:

    Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Albania, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Bulgaria, Hungary, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Georgia, Islamic Republic of Iran, People's Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Republic of Poland, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Republic of Estonia. The session was also attended by the representatives of the European Union (EU), Republic of Korea, Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF) and OSJD Committee.

  • 16.05.2017 | 10:21Development of “One Belt – One Road” project in Europe (According to the Xinhua News Agency as of 7 May 2017)

    The «One Belt – One Road” initiative envisages the development of railway traffic between the Eurasian countries.

    In early spring 2017, journalists from the Xinhua News Agency (PRC) set off to verify the implementation of this initiative in practice, on the routes of container trains running under the brand of “China Railway Express” between China and Europe, having visited several hub stations along the route of Warsaw, Duisburg and London, and the countries that are located along the route of the “One Belt – One Road” initiative.

  • 17.01.2017 | 11:41The “Strizh” train has made its maiden trip from Moscow to Berlin

    On 17 December 2016 the new international train "Strizh"/(Swift) No. 13/14 went on its maiden trip from the Kurskaya station of the Russian capital heading from Moscow to Berlin, and returning back from Berlin to Moscow on 18 December.

  • 11.01.2017 | 11:57Joint Meeting of the Plenipotentiary Representatives of Members of the OSJD Ministerial Conference and the Conference of General Directors (Authorized Representatives) of OSJD Railways in 2016

    The joint meeting, held in the OSJD Committee on 6-9 December 2016, was attended by the plenipotentiary representatives of the members of the OSJD Ministerial Conference and/or plenipotentiary representatives of the members of the Conference of General Directors (Authorized Representatives) of OSJD Railways from the following countries:

  • 15.11.2016 | 09:22International Conference for the Adoption of the Text of “Convention on Direct International Railway Traffic”


    The draft Convention on Direct International Railway Traffic has been developed for more than 10 years by the Ad Hoc Working Group for Updating the OSJD Fundamental Documents. The draft Convention includes as annexes the main international agreements and regulations binding within the framework of OSJD, including the SMPS and SMGS Agreements. As a result, the draft Convention was prepared and agreed upon in the framework of OSJD by the countries with different railway transport operational models.

  • 20.09.2016 | 11:33Media-Forum in Turkmenistan dedicated to the preparation for the First Global Conference on Sustainable Transport

    Within the framework of preparation for the First Global Conference on Sustainable Transport to be carried out in Turkmenistan in late November 2016, an International Media-Forum was held in Ashgabat in the building of Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 16-17 September which was attended by more than 150 representatives of government bodies of Turkmenistan, international organisations and transport mass media from around the world.

  • 24.06.2016 | 15:07First China Railway Express arriving in Poland

    The first China – Europe container block train under the family brand “China Railway Express” arrived in Poland. On 8 June the train set off from station in Chengdu, the capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan, then crossed the territories of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus and arrived 12 days later in Warsaw on 20 June 2016, where a solemn ceremony was organised attended by Chairman of the Chinese People’s Republic, Xi Jinping, President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, heads of a number of ministries and railway administrations from both countries. The ceremony was organised within the framework of an official visit of the Head of the Chinese People’s Republic to the Republic of Poland.

  • 08.06.2016 | 11:54News from CD (according to CD press-service)

    Pendolino trains in Czech Republic to be modernised

    After more than ten years of operating Pendolino high speed trains, Czech Railways (CD) is planning to rejuvenate their interiors. One of CD's most popular and most used train types will be outfitted with new carpets, new seat upholstery, a children's cinema compartment and other improvements.

  • 08.06.2016 | 11:49Container block trains from China to Europe (According to the Xinhua news agency)

    New railway route China — Europe is open.

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