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Information of RZD OJSC for passengers

Dear passengers!

 At the moment, the spread of coronavirus infection has become the most problematic and knife-edged topic of the day. We understand that when setting off for a trip, you needn’t worry about your health. Therefore, it is worth telling you what measures are taken to make your trip safer.

- The RZD’s trains have been disinfected with detergent agents that are active against viruses, both before and after each trip. In doing this, special attention is paid to door handles and tables. Inside the coaches reminders have been placed in order to instruct passengers about the measures that should be taken to avoid infection. The employees also undergo special training, work clearly and coherently, so that the trip goes comfortably.

- In connection with the spread of the virus, all popular events, which you may have planned to visit in advance, have been canceled or suspended. We meet the passengers’ interests and until 10 April it was made possible to return “non-refundable” tickets at the ticket offices of our Company following the same procedure as regards the normal ones. If you are currently in quarantine (or in contact with possible carriers of infection), you can return the ticket after the restrictions in respect to you have been removed. To do this, you need to present at the ticket office a medical confirmation or certificate from the medical institution.

- Remember that there is nothing more important than your health and the health of your next-of-kins. Follow the doctors’ advice and recommendations seriously and abide yourselves by the simple rules that will help you protect yourselves from infection. Wash your hands more often with soap, do not attend events with a large crowd of people. If you feel unwell, stay at home and immediately seek medical assistance to confirm the diagnosis and get the necessary medical care. It is better to refrain from visiting a medical institution and call a doctor at home. Do not perform self-treatment at home in any case.

A headquarters has been set up at the RZD OJSC for the prevention of the spread of SARS-CoV-2, among which its main tasks are coordination and monitoring of anti-epidemic measures in collectives, at infrastructure facilities and in trains.

In connection with the closed state border crossing, in order to prevent the spread of infection, all international passenger trains and through night coaches have been temporarily suspended.

 Stay in good health, take care of yourself, your next-of-kins and colleagues!