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Byelorussian Railway and Export-Import Bank of China signed a loan agreement (according to the BC press center)

Within the framework of the II-nd International Cooperation Forum “One Belt - One Road”, which was held from 25 till 27 of April 2019 in Beijing (China), the Belarusian Railway and the Export-Import bank of China signed a loan agreement on 25 April. The funds will be allocated to finance the third stage of the electrification project of the railway line sections Homiel - Zhlobin - Asipovicy and Zhlobin - Kalinkavichy. This document was signed by Head of Byelorussian Railway Vladimir Moro­zov and Deputy Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of China Xi Ping.

Thanks to the investments allocated for the infrastructure development the Byelorussian Railway continues to carry out active work for the electrification of the new section of railway lines. For the past years the Byelorussian Railway has extended the length of its electrified lines by 227 km having totaled 1228 km or 22.5% of the total length of railway lines in the country. Among those electrified are the railway sections of Gomel - Zhlobin - Asipovichy and Molodechno - Gudogai - Lithuanian state border. There are plans to electrify about 60 km each year.

The electrification of the Zhlobin-Kalinkavichy railway section, which started in 2018 and which length is 141 km, will be completed before November 2020. Ultimately the ratio of the electrified routes in the total railway length is expected at a level of 25%.

In the future, by 2030, it is planned to fully electrify the main cargo-intensive sections in order to make the maximum use of the economic efficiency in the transport of goods and passengers by using electric traction.

Meanwhile, on 25 April, Vladimir Morozov took part in the sub-forum “Cooperation in Infrastructure” and held a meeting with the top management of the Chinese Electrical Equipment Export and Import Company (CUEC) and CRRC Datong Co. Ltd regarding the issues of further rolling stock modernization. At present, 30 freight electric locomotives of the BKG series manufactured in China are in operation with the Byelorussian Railway.